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How Emotional Culture Coaching can support you and your business

The emotional element of life is so easily underestimated in how deeply it impacts all areas of our energy, thoughts and mood. We have acknowledged increasingly the importance of mental health and wellness, but rarely let ourselves engage with or understand our feelings and emotions and how they truly impact us.

In a business this is even more important as you have often many people impacting the emotional culture of a day.

This may feel like a brave step to take, but with care and guidance consciously addressing the well-being of a team and in turn the well-being of a business, this will make a powerful difference to flow, harmony and production.

Getting to the heart of any situation can sometimes feel like surgery, yet it is often this uncomfortable experience that is most needed to understand the medicine that is required and the support that may be needed.

By learning to be open and honest with the Emotional Energy and Culture of a business you will learn how to anticipate, quickly acknowledge and become a responsive rather than reactive owner or team leader.



Jonathan will initially offer a meet up to explore how his ability, background and skill and your unique business needs may work together.

His understanding of the human emotional dynamic means he is able to quickly see what positive steps may need to be taken to support the harmony and growth of your business.


One to one support for men and women.

Relationship counselling.

Men's and young men's counselling.

One to one private support with workplace dynamics and stress.

Private sessions available via zoom or in person.

Held at Sanara Sanctuary, 125 Main Road, Governors Bay.

Sessions are one hour and cost $138 incl.

Sponsored Counselling

"Hey Guys! Just wanted to say I used a session from your guys donation and it was absolutely incredible and mind blowing. Thank you all so much for the opportunity! You guys are amazing for giving others this opportunity!"


Jonathan works in partnership with Christchurch band, Dolphin Friendly, supporting the public by providing affordable opportunities for those in need of mental & emotional health support.

Funds become available from donations which all goes towards supporting people's mental & emotional well-being.


Keep a look out via their Instagram for the next round of subsidised appointments.


Open Heart, Calm Mind  weekend retreats supporting men.

NZ Spirit Festival South Island partner, NZ Yoga Day Coordinator.

Meet  Jonathan

Jonathan Spark is a professional Therapist and businessman who for the past 26 years has been supporting individuals, couples and businesses in the understanding of how their emotional world impacts the decisions and choices in their lives.

Jonathan's skill and insight into the dynamics of you and your staff will support you in creating the business and life that creates alignment and harmony.

His resume includes building Christchurch’s most award winning café Hello Sunday, following up with building Christchurch’s number one restaurant 5th Street. Read more here.

Along this path he has counselled and coached All Blacks and professional sports people. Business leaders and struggling teenagers. Couples at the end of their relationships and relationships that are finally becoming the couple they needed to be.

He has run many men’s retreats and with his wife lead retreats all over the world including motorcycle tours in India.

Jonathan Spark

Consultancy Testimonial

"I had been in a negative spiral; waking at 2am, heart and mind racing, and I was experiencing panic
attacks during the day...

Conflict situations triggered apprehension and tension in me. I was pushing myself harder but the workload was increasing. In conversation, I was distracted and worried about lost time and pressing issues. I was getting hurt by negativity and my resilience and energy levels were evaporating. I was being increasingly challenged by difficult people and I was experiencing increasing self-doubt. My evenings and weekends were being overshadowed with internal dialogues that attempted to settle future conflicts. I didn’t think that I was out of my depth but I recognized that I was progressively needing anxiety treatments to sleep or to cope at work. I was the proverbial frog, immersed in rising heat but not noticing it until I emerged for the weekend or holidays. I was anxious on Sundays in anticipation of the return to work. I considered working weekends to stay immersed and avoid the pain but this was clearly a dead end remedy.


Jonathan has helped me to recognize my own capability and as it turns out I have all the solutions within me. I needed to give credibility to my instincts and have confidence to act on them. He laid down a breadcrumb trail that guided me away from my mind-centric existence towards a deeper grasp and trust in my feelings, a concept that was totally alien to me. It was not an easy path to take as I had to unpack behaviors that I had formed over a lifetime. This involved facing fears that I have pushed aside, to express my frustrations, and to trust in my own wisdom. Jonathan likes to quote me that 'there is no questioning a confident spirit’."




P: +64 021 2290 883

Christchurch based and Zoom available consultations.

To book a counselling appointment with Jonathan, contact Pascha

P: +64 03 329 94 79

Sanara Sanctuary

125 Main Road

Governors Bay


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